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Flowering Trees: Saraca asoca ( सीता अशोक )

Flowers of Sita Ashok
Leaves of Sita Ashok
semi tall, sprawling green tree looks like a content and satisfied human being to me. Its the same tree mentioned in Ramayana in referenace to "Ashok Van" (Garden of Ashoka trees), where Sita was captivated by Lankan King Ravan. Its the same place where Hanuman meets her and assures her about her release. Tree grows upto 10 meters and found in evergreen forests. Tree is green through out the year and flowers in pre- monsoon months. This characteristics may be the reason tree becoming a must plantation in garden. Still this tree is listed as "vulnerable to extinction" in the IUCN list. Flowers, yellow-orange colored, bloom in clusters. Personally, I haven't seen nectoring species on this flowers. Although flowers are fragrant, never seen a lady wearing those either. It is reported host plant of Common Cerulean, a common butterfly. 

Quick Facts: 
Common Name: Sita Ashok / Sorrowless tree
Botanical Name: Saraca asoca
Family: Gulmohar
Marathi Name: सीता अशोक
Location on IITB campus: on right side of H-5 entrance


  1. Plant spa always includes the ferns and usually the Norfolk Pine because of all my plants they need humidity most. flowering trees


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