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Wandering Destination : Namdapha National Park (part 1: preparation)

Wandering Destination : Namdapha National Park (part 1: preparation)

In India there are over 1500 different butterfly species can be found. If one thinks to watch them, photograph them and increase ones lifetime checklist, visit to Namdapha National Park is a must. I will be writing a series about my experiences in a recent visit to the park made in November 2011. It will run in several parts and hope will be helpful to the people who wish to visit that peaceful land. Before proceeding further, some quick Facts about Namdapha: 

1. Its basically a tiger project, situated in easternmost Arunachal Pradesh.
2. Inner line permit is required to visit the park, which can be easily obtained from concerned officers.
3. Its so remote that there is no electricity, no mobile range and no cheap transportation at the cottages. Accommodation and food is excellent.
4. Best butterflying season is March to May. Rainy clouds may appear any time and may rain for several consecutive days.