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Wandering Destination: JayVinayak Mandir, Jaygad, Ratnagiri

Wandering Destination: JayVinayak Mandir, Jaygad, Ratnagiri (MH, India)

On the way back from my trip round the Ratnagiri Taluka, I was hurry in making to home. I was driving my scooter and It was half past noon. I could'nt run my pleasure because of self proclaimed speed limitation of 50 Kmph. The lonely road with none trees beside was creating it tough to drive under the so bright sun assisted by hot wind. To add to it, the road was literally dug by the heavy vehicles commuting between Laavaganvadi port and Jindal Power Plant. After passing by Jindal staff quarters and Jindal school, I saw an area adorned with well maintained gardens. I noticed it absolutely was a temple on the other hand confusion inflated once I saw a watchmen cabin outside the doorway. It forced me to ask him if this place is public? He nodded and guided me on parking my scooter. It absolutely was the time to understand photographic chance I perceived simply when discovering the place. there have been several reasons for that.

This is a newly built temple of Vinayak, another name for Lord Ganesha. It was donated to public by Shri Jindal in the month of February 2003. Temple is enclosed by lush inexperienced green lawns, types of flowering plants and a little reservoir too ! It has sufficiently large parking place and a Helipad (?). for certain this place is half-dozen acres of enjoyment. Temple architecture uses pagoda type structure having three layers of roof. Temple has a tall, bronze coated idol of Lord Ganesh. Religious duties are performed by a local priest appointed on full-time basis. A bronze coated, 6 feet tall Lord Hanuman statue in the premises was a strange presence to me.

Considering the look and thought behind the design, no doubt it's so a decent place. but ought to that the aim...I had my very own doubts and a number of other queries un-reciprocated. These queries are obvious, natural and unbiased. It would be too early to comment and accountable, however it had been irresistible to put in writing down the thoughts for me!

Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this - no dog exchanges bones with another. Adam Smith

The entrance of the temple

Hanuman statue

The site of temple far from local village and near to Jindal staff quarters otherwise lonely, with a helipad presence made the purpose of building such temple bit doubtful. It is a lot of of a leisure place to the families of company-staff,  where they can spend the evening time. In the name of social responsibility and satisfying native leaders, huge firms typically build such large temples. Building temple may be a sensitive issue that is sort of un-opposed. Strong theist locals believes the businessman has similar emotions as they have. Ground reality is, typically unnoticed by the locals, building temple does not adds up to any development or native employment unless it is 'made'  renowned.  

I conform to such expense only when necessary infrastructural needs are fulfilled which includes roads, drinking water, local employment etc. Road connecting Ratnagiri to Jaygad is a disaster created by company trucks itself. The area near by the temple is open grassland and there is no tree plantation along side the road. Very few locals are employed by the company and this employment has not transformed the standard of living of the villagers. As it is power producing plant, it is not going to bring dependent industries to near by area (except for the port). A project at such a large must be all-inclusive and prioritizing local life. There are already environment related objections raised by the locals, which I am not going into details. 

To me, it is a folly and unsustainable development. Most Indian industry share the same story, is there any from your part of India, I request readers to share it in the comment. 

What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience? Adam Smith


On Jaigad-Ratnagiri connecting road

Campus Nature Diary of NIT Rourkela (June-2014)

Campus Nature Diary of NIT Rourkela (June-2014)

Garden flowers on the campus

Campus has lot of small lawns, along side of which numerous species of garden flowers are planted. These flowers attract variety of butterflies and brings the life in the campus.

Here is the partial list and photographs of some of them.
  • Marigold
  • Lantena
  • Globe Amaranth ( मख़मल )
  • Bougainvillea
  • Ixora
  • Kalanchoe
  • Barbados Lily
  • Aster varieties
  • Daisy varieties
  • Sunflower

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Wandering Destination: Rourkela

Wandering Destination: Rourkela

Vedvyaas on the banks of Koel river

Facts about Rourkela [1]:

  • The name Rour kela in the local tribal language of Sadri means "Our Village"
  • Fourth largest city of Odisha after Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Berhampur 
  • Rourkela is the industrial capital of Odisha.
  • RSP - One of the largest steel plants of SAIL is situated here.
  • It also has one of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) of the country.
  • City is surrounded by a range of hills and encircled by rivers. 
  • Any weather season is extreme here. 


NIT Rourkela campus


Indira Gandhi Park (IGP)


Places Near by:


Chowks in Rourkela:

Hotels in Rourkela:


Photo essays related to city life of Rourkela:

  • People at Work from Rourkela
Temples of Hanuman Vatika
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Nearby cities / Towns:


More Information:

काही कथा (भाग -३)

काही बोध कथा (भाग -३) :

एकदा श्रीविष्णूंना दूधसागरामध्ये शेषावर पडून राहाण्याचा कंटाळा आला. त्यांनी काहीतरी निर्माण करण्याचे ठरवले. वाटले, त्याची देखभाल करण्यात मजेत वेळ जाईल. त्यांनी ब्रह्मदेवाला पाचारण केले. ब्रह्मदेव श्रीविष्णूंसमोर हात जोडून उभे राहिले. 

नारायणाने आज्ञा केली, "एक छानपैकी सृष्टी निर्माण कर. रंगीबेरंगी फुलापानांनी बहरलेली. पशुपक्ष्यांनी गजबजलेली, जलचर, वनचर आणि अदृश्य पण शक्तिमान कृमिकीटकांनी दाटलेली, अशी सृष्टी निर्माण व्हायला हवी. मनुष्य तिचा मध्यबिंदू असायला हवा."

विधाता कामाला लागला. पण दोन दुष्ट क्रूरकर्मा राक्षस त्याच्या कामात एकसारखा अडथळा आणू लागले. ते दैत्य त्याला छळत. विष्णूच्या आज्ञेचे पालन कसे करावे हा ब्रह्मदेवाला प्रश्न पडला. तो लक्ष्मीदेवीकडे गेला. त्याने आपली अडचण देवीला सांगितली. लक्ष्मीला सुरुवातीला दैत्यांचा राग आला. देवीने दैत्यांना शाप द्यायचे ठरवले. 

ण नंतर ब्रह्मदेवांना विचारले, " दैत्य कोणी निर्माण केले? "

"अर्थात भगवंतांनी!"  ब्रह्मदेव म्हणाले.

" झालं तर! दैत्यांची निर्मिती करण्यामागे श्रीविष्णूंचा काही हेतू असावा. मी त्यांना शाप देणार नाही. त्यांच्याशी सामना करतच तुम्हाला सृष्टीची निर्मिती करावी लागेल ", लक्ष्मीदेवी म्हणाल्या. 

ब्रह्मदेवाने दैत्यांशी लढत लढत हवी तशी सृष्टी निर्माण केली. हा झगडा सृष्टीबरोबरच जन्माला आला. 


भारताचे पहिले शिक्षणमंत्री मौलाना आझाद यांनी कुराणाचा अनुवाद केला. 

तो प्रकाशित होण्यापूर्वीच एक अनोळखी पठाण त्यांच्याकडे आला व म्हणाला, 'आपल्या ग्रंथासाठी खूप काटकसर करून चाळीस रुपये जमवले व काबूलपासून थेट कोलकात्यापर्यंत पायी आलो. मला नाही म्हणू नका.' 

मौलानांनी त्या पठाणाला घरी ठेवून घेतले. पाहुणचार करून त्याला परतीचे तिकीट काढून दिले. त्याचा पत्ता लिहून घेतला. तो अनुवाद प्रकाशित झाल्यानंतर त्याची प्रत त्याच्या घरच्या पत्त्यावर पाठवून दिली. पठाणाने तो ग्रंथ उघडला.

त्यात अर्पण पत्रिका होती... 'हे पुस्तक मिळविण्यासाठी काबूलपासून कोलकात्यापर्यंत पायी आलेल्या त्या अनोळखी मुसाफिरास समर्पित...'

(Source :

Wandering Destination: Indira Gandhi Park, Rourkela

Indira Gandhi Park, Rourkela (Odisha)

Condition of the bear tells it all !

Wandering Destination: Indira Gandhi Park (IGP), Rourkela

IGP is one of the three recreation parks Rourkela has, developed and maintained by Rourkela Steel Plant.

Spread, location, and approach:

  • Park is spread over 50 acres of land.
  • The location of the said park is adjacent to Ring Road and Main road leads to Traffic Chowk from Sector – 2 and Sector – 4 respectively. It is located near to sector-2 bus stand.
  • From railway station, share auto can drop right in the front of the IGP gate for 10 rupees. Private buses also run on the same route.

Worker feeding fish to crocodiles


1. Zoo:

It has its own small zoo. 

Common animals: Bear, Neelgai, Spotted dear, Crocodile, Rabbit etc.

Common birds: Peacock, Variety of parrots, Fowls, Ibis, storks etc.

Hand of steel
Peacock - prime attraction of the zoo

2. "Hand-of-steel" sculpture

"The Hands of Steel" or the "Ten Million Monument" was designed by Vijay Acquilla and made at the initiative of Dr. P L Agarwal.

Pond inside the park, surrounded by the pathway and the toy train. Pond has boating facility.

Musical fountain,board shows the timing of the show

3. Indira Gandhi pond: 

A small lake inside the park with a boating facility.

4. Toy trains:

This train meant for children runs around the pond.

5. Musical Fountains:

Every day musical fountains are switched on in the evening. The show runs for half an hour. It can be enjoyed sitting in the lawns nearby. 

Top of Doll museum building

6. Doll museum:

Collection of variety of dolls. It is situated in one of the corner of the park. Timing of the doll museum is still a mystery for me, as I failed to catch it open on two occasions. 

7. Rose garden:

It is a season attraction. Roses are planted in November and flowers January onward to last for next two months.

Rose Garden being prepared for the next cultivation
Spectacularly backlit tree photographed on a late morning in October

Lawns inside the park

  • Lawns are well maintained.
  • Enough benches to sit
  • Two food courts for snacks, mostly packed food and beverages.

Timings and Entry fees:

Visitors at the park watching birds


  1. Zoo is not properly maintained. Strong feeling to liberate the animals arises after looking at the conditions. Small, untidy and unprofessionally designed cabins must be replaced by better ones.
  2. No drinking water facility apart from the food court.
  3. Doll museum timings depends upon the worker there, he has his own way to do so.
  4. Park opens at 8 AM in the morning, too late for exercise and summer days in Rourkela.

Bridge on ring road out side the main entrance of the the IG park is the landmark
Main entrance to the IG park 

Flowers in IG park

Flowers in IG park

Transportation in Rourkela : Photo Essay

The auto industry must acknowledge that a rational transportation policy should seek a balance between individual convenience, the efficient use of limited resources, and urban-living values that protect spaciousness, natural beauty, and human-scale mobility - Stewart Udall
Pic: Ricksaw stand ring road near sector 2, Other road goes towards NIT Rourkela 

Transportation in Rourkela : Photo Essay

Cyclist near Vedvyas: Cycle is the most preferred by Rourkela people to commute. Reasons being cheap, flat roads and Poverty among users. Even working-women on daily wages prefers to ride the bicycles.

Repair it quickly: As cycles are commonly used, no doubt many repair shops available and starts the day early morning.

I am insured : Auto rickshaw is another preferred transport. Share rickshaws run from morning till nine in the evening on ring road. One rickshaw can hold up to eight passengers. Luggage is normally kept in a separate luggage compartment behind seating place. To reach  other parts of the city, it needs to be 'reserved' and thus costs more. Rickshaw drivers do not cheat here.  Most of them fairly educated, knows English even.

Bridge on the Koel river : Railway bridge running parallel to road. On the backdrop its 'Vedvyas'

Private buses, called 'Sampark' buses, were introduced to ease the transportation. Runs in the most of the parts of city till 7 PM. Very cheap.

Only rich prefers the bike: As cycle is the best vehicle, People who really need the bike prefers it. On the compound wall, pictures related to epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat are painted to add the beauty. 
Ring road is the spine of the city and carries most of the traffic. It is well maintained, smooth, wide with two separate lanes for up and down traffic.

Today 'NO' work : People in Odisha are poor but innocent at heart. Still in this part some drive cycle-rickshaw to earn the bread and butter. Mostly these rickshaws are used to transport  commodities in small volumes.

Start of the day with wait !

People at work: Traffic controllers perform there duty in very descent way. Haven't seen any accident or rash driving yet. Kudos to these guys. Interestingly city has ladies cops, and are doing well.