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Wandering Destination: Shiva Temple, Ambernath

Wandering Destination: Shiva Temple, Ambernath

Temple of Lord Shiva at Ambernath, well known as Ambreshwar Temple, is one of the tourist attraction. 

It is a small temple and said to be built out of a single big rock. It dates back to 1000 AD.

It is said that Shilahara king Chhittaraja constructed it, his son Mummuni rebuilt it.  The temple is Hemadpanthi-styled, beautifully carved on stones.  This temple is of the Vesara style that is a blend of the Dravidian style and the Nagara Style. The wall of the temple has number of decorations sculpted.

It is symmetric and has three approach doors. The idol is located in well below the ground level. Priests are appointed to help visitors for offering and worshiping the God. A fun-fair starts two days prior to Mahashivratri and continues for a day after Mahashivratri.

It is one of the archaeological site. The sad part is, apart from putting up a board, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had done nothing. BTW, ASI call it as a protection of site. The temple is on the bank of Vadavan (Waldhuni) river. Now that river is almost become a gutter. As usual, the cleanliness around the temple is not being taken care of.

How to reach:

  • Nearest local railway station   : Ambernath, 2 Km from the temple
  • Approachable road                : Shil phata to Karjat High way (26kms from Thane)

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