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Smeared skies

Smeared skies

Evening skies are so complex,
but its complexity that we human being love to watch.

Being in right place at right time has huge advantage. You see what people don't !

Dusk and Dawn are the best time of the day to watch smeared skies.
Mere, half an hour daily show. Small is indeed beautiful. 

HDR photography allows to introduce properly exposed surroundings.

Surroundings add drama to your scene. sometimes a story as well !

Creating silhouettes emphasizes the objects even though underexposed. 

Snap the gradient and keep photo simple yet descriptive.

For more description practice all the elements in Panorama. HDR, Silhouette and a large canvas for such "wide" story.

Breaking the rule is indeed creativity. Caution, Break the rules when you know them very well ! Afternoon skies has drama no less than evening skies !

Seasons like Monsoon, when photographed from top with the trees beneath, is sensational and romantic.
Time permits to watch the scene for hours.
 I am talking about "Meghdoot"?

Morning are not different than evening ones.

Reason, it is the start of the day. Environment is so cheerful and hopeful ! 

Photographers get so much new to see, it is literally a new day and new beginning !

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate,I shall be content with silence.”
                                                                         ― Ansel Adams


  1. Great series!
    The last one is truly WOW capture!

    1. Thanks Indrani. I got it luckily, taken some 5 years ago and still in the list. So proves ur point :-)

  2. What beautiful pictures Paresh. I could not zero in on my favourite. All are marvels.

    1. Thanks Shweta. Choosing one among them is really a challenging task. U did good choosing them all :-)

    2. I completely second Shweta... all these are beautiful babies of yours Paresh!

  3. Beautiful Photos :) Thanks for sharing tips :) Bookmarked your post :)


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