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Simple tips to improve casual photography

Simple tips to improve casual photography

Everybody loves to shoot, mostly for storing the moments, to recall and rejoice. Shooting is now a days a finger's play : Just touch the 'shoot' button on smartphone screen. Taking casual photographs is easy but photo content is not that good. Here I am writing some tips, on following one can shoot almost like a pro. Tips are independent of the technology of course. 

Shooting / On field:

  • Shoot light, not the object : Now you understand, every creature / object is beautiful !
  • No Object / Subject is untouchable : Shoot whatever you like, explore new subjects
  • Shoot what a common man don't see : Change angle, shoot unusual objects, shoot a lot
  • Never hesitate, Never argue. "Kyonki mai kaash nahi kahna chaahata" (applicable specially for candid photography)
  • Respect the social rules / laws : It avoids frustration / fights and helps connecting people

  • Fill the frame: Primary object should cover the most part of your frame
  • Follow simple composition rules: 1/3rd rule, orientation
  • Choose right angle: If your not sure, shoot the same subject with different angles. 
  • Avoid shake : No body likes blurred photo. Stand and pose yourself to have maximum stability
  • Use Flash: Fill flash improves quality of photograph (Contrast, details, sharpness)
  • Shoot Raw: Even some basic P&O cameras support RAW. Use RAW although it eats up space.
  • Use filters: Use UV-filter for protection, CPL for better skies, and ND filter for long exposures
  • Vibration reduction helps
  • Don't hesitate to increase ISO: Grainy images are better than blurred.

Pre and post shooting:

  • interdisciplinary work : Observe, think, read, plan and then shoot the best shot. e.g It helps to understand the activitiesbehaviour of the object
  • Take assignments: Focussed work helps in mastering a particular type of photography
  • Play with settings: Try all the settings , master the one you like. It will help to create your own "style"
  • Accessories check: Make list of accessories, check list before outing, store them in one bag
  • Be "power"full : Always have an extra battery. 
  • Photo management: Make folders, number the folders serially and also name it as per the content

  • Always post-process you photograph : Even elementary software can be used to correct brightness, contrast, sharpening etc.
  • Frame it: Framing drastically improves the quality.
  • No watermarks: Avoid watermark, it really dont' serve any purpose.
  • Blog-it : Write a blog, about your experience, plan, photographs, ideas. 
  • Display your best shot only: It helps spreading the news, decreases on-line work : My portfolio


  1. Great tips. Being a casual instagrammer, this does come in handy. But I was not clear about the shoot light, not the object part.

    1. Ashwini, This particular tip has lengthy explanation. Let me try to brief it. I mean, the object can become photogenic if the light is dramatic. So look for a light not the object. In right light, even ordinary female can look much better than aishwarya. Its all bcos of light.


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