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DJ Night - Innovision'14, NIT Rourkela

View from a distance. Dust  appearance was welcome, at least by the photographers :-)

DJ Night - Innovision'14, NIT Rourkela

- DJ night for Enjoyment for students of NIT Rourkela on the last day of Innovision'14

- 7:30 PM, Dilip Tirkey Stadium, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

- For details about Innovision'14, visit

SET - 1
Huge crowd and great excitation among student was seen on the DJ night

However many of them were either mute spectators shaking legs with the beats or cameraman recording the event

Variety of lights throwing all combinations of colors made the stage dramatic

Photographers of Third eye photography club were right on the spot ! In frame: Ram Deshpande

Few excited students even tossed their friend. I am sure they caught him to !

Took lot of Silhouettes, backlit dancers made every photo melodramatic


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