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Wandering Destination: Indira Gandhi Park, Bhubaneshwar

Wandering Destination: Indira Gandhi Park, Bhubaneshwar

Enjoy the snacks ! A vendor outside the entrance of the park

The design: In the park, tourists can view a statue of Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi that was designed and sculptured by Russian sculptors Mr. Dimitry Ryebachev and Alexander Ryebachev.

The last speech: Indira Gandhi Park was erected at the site where Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi had delivered her last public speech on 30th October, 1984. After returning from the destination, she was shot dead by her own bodyguards.

 A favorite place: The park is a favourite for strolling, relaxation and walking. In the morning, many locals can be seen jogging within the park.

More colorful now : Once the parade ground of the city, the park is decorated with flower gardens and fountains.

Best place: for relaxing after wandering the city. Place is near by to Rabindra Mandap, shopping street and AG chowk. So good for waiting, relaxing during transit time.

Timings: Park remains open till evening 8 Pm. Camera, edibles are allowed. 

It's large: the park is spread over an area of 10.6 acres.

Location: Located in front of Orissa Secretariat and State Assembly

Location and conveyance:

Park is located opposite of Odisha Secretariat on Sachivalaya marg in AG Chhak (Chowk). AG chowk is located at the center of the city. So, Almost all share auto travel to or pass through it. From Kalpana square and Acharya Vihar square share auto takes five rupees only while from CRP square it takes ten rupees.

Busy AG Chowk

Shared Auto Rickshaw is the best mode of travelling in Bhubaneshwar.


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