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Visit to Pitamahal Village

Visiting Pitamahal Village -PhotoEssay

To visit Pitamahal village, which is nearby the Pitamahal dam, follow the road from the other side of the newly developed Garden. The road passes by the water-spillover arrangement. One cannot cross the canal in between so to reach to Pitamahal village. Instead one has to take a big round to cross the canal at GadheiBalanda and come. 

An evening is a natural choice to visit this place. Herdsman takes back his cows and bulls back to the village after a day long grazing in the Bamra forest. The road is not yet listed on the google map. The condition is good for a bike to travel and only a strong car can cope with the terrain.

Fishing in the Pitamahal lake on every evening is a routine for most men here. After a day's work, about a quarter kilo of fish is enough for the dinner. Fishing is done either by multiple fishhooks or by taking a small craft to the interiors of the lake. Fishing is seldom done for earning. 

A worker, living in a nearby village, originally from Jharkhand, trying his luck on that day. Unfortunately, couldn't get any fish. Small water depth is the reason, he said!

Dr Liu, a renowned photographer and former panellist on the famous magazine "Better Photography", shooting the beauty of the lake.

I have in most of Odisha; people carry wood from the jungle in this typical fashion on the bicycle. No technology or modification in the bike. Just with the help of a big wood log and a rope from the bark, one carries wood sufficient for a week for a family of four.

Another day is over, time to go back home.
A cyclist is crossing the stream.
Colourful sky after sunset over the paddy field.

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