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Wandering Destination: Tirathgarh waterfalls

Wandering Destination: Tirathgarh waterfalls

The Teerathgarh Falls is a block type waterfall on the Kanger River in Bastar district of Chattisgarh which falls from about 90 meters. It further divides into two waterfalls and the water then runs through the valley of limestone deposits full with thick forest cover. 

A small temple on a large rock opposite the falls is surrounded by the ruins of a 1,000-year-old Hindu civilization. In monsoon, the water flow is heavy and muddy. After Winter season, the water recedes and one can cross the fall and experience the complete enchanting view. 

Photography Tips:

  • As the distance between the viewpoint and the fall is too small, carry a wide angle lens or fish eye lens to capture complete fall.
  • In monsoon season, when the fall is at peak, the vapors evaporating wets the camera. Keep a waterproof cover and a dry cloth to wipe water droplets.
  • After the trip, immediately clean the camera.
  • Best season to visit the fall between June to December.
  • If you don't love the crowd, avoid weekends and holidays.
  • Reach early to get "human-free" pictures.

Entry Fee and timing:

  • A nominal fee (five rupees for adults and ten rupees for the camera) is charged to enter the waterfall area. 
  • Parking facility is available just near the fall and is charged.
  • Local food is available at the restaurants near by.

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How to reach:

Jagdalpur is the nearest city where from a vehicle can be hired. Fall is located 35 kilometers away from the Jagdalpur city. A personal vehicle is the best choice in this part of the area (to visit common tourist places). 


  1. wow Amazing pics. Great post. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Considering the good maintenance, I do not think anyone would mind paying an entry fees.

    1. Yes absolutely right. And compared to foreign tourist spots,fees are too small.

  3. Oh My God, that waterfalls is truly spectacular! The muddy color of the water is lovely with the green surroundings. But where is that place Chatisgarh, i still have to google.

    1. Thanks. But why you are googling ? I have provided the map !!!!

  4. Wow is all I can say. What a beautiful and powerful place. I enjoyed yur series of photos.

  5. Beautiful shots!

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  6. What beautiful shots, I've never had the chance to be near a waterfall so big!

  7. looks like a great place indeed. We always enjoy a great outdoor like this


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