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Indian Turnsole - Heliotropium indicum

Indian Turnsole - Heliotropium indicum


Its is a small herbal plant and native to India. It is found in all kinds of jungles specially near  the stream. It can even be seen near gutters / sewage water outlets in urban areas.

The spiral-kind inflorescence is unmistakable characteristics of this flower. Flowers are seen on one of the petiole which is around 1 ft tall. Flowers are tiny and violet faint violet in color. Mature flower turns white.Butterflies from tiger species are often seen nectoring on these flowers.

Photography tips:

  • Macro lens is must to get close-ups of the flowers.
  • Choose the best bunch of flowers. Mostly the half of the fluorescence is matured flowers which are faded and dried. Avoid such petiole. 
  • Capturing the shape of the inflorescence is very common. Capturing a nectoring butterfly on the flower can be the cherry on the ice-cream.

Quick Facts:

Common Name: Indian Helitrope, Indian turnsole
Marathi: Bhurundi (भुरुंडी)
Botanical Name: Heliotropium indicum
Family: Boraginaceae (Forget-me-not- family)


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