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Wandering Destination: Hanuman Vaatika, Rourkela

Wandering Destination: Hanuman Vaatika, Rourkela

Hanuman Vatika is a beautiful garden Temple devoted to Lord Hanuman located in Rourkela. It is spread on the Thirteen Acres of land. It has got the tallest statue of Lord Hanuman and several other temples. The Vatika is full of garden which makes the whole complex calm and relaxed. The Vatika was setup by Hanuman Vatika Trust and the initial initiative came from Sri. Dilip Roy.

Main attraction: tallest statue of Lord Hanuman

Hanuman Vatika named after one of the highest statue of Hanuman. Inaugurated in the year 1994 by the then Chief Minister of Orissa, Biju Patnaik. Here a statue of Hanuman is constructed with the height of 75 feet. The Hanuman statue was built by Sri Lakshman Swami of Hyderabad.

Garden surrounds the statue and entrance inside is strictly prohibited.

Temples in the Vaatika:

Other temples inside the premises are 12 Jyotirlingas, Batta Mangala Devi, Sarala Devi Temple, Jagannath Temple, Lakshmi, and Santoshi Mata Temple.   The newly established Sai Baba temple has become the favorite of the devotees, the idol of which is very similar to the idol of the one situated in Shirdi Sai Baba [1].

Every temple has priests, whom I have seen reading religious material, chanting and worshiping for the visitors. Security is quick enough and guides you appropriately.

Many new temples are coming up, normally a replica of the older ones. I could not see a reason why to build so many new temples. New temples are better in aesthetics. Floors are reflective. Sitting area is large and clean. It is supported by grand pillars with wall sculptures.

Often, the entrance of the temple is innovative and design includes animals. Lions on wither side is common. A big statue of Nandi is a notable attraction.

Frightening entrance to one of temple

Trust office is beside this temple

Services available at the Vaatkia temples and the charges :

A large Kalyan Mandap is also here for various social functions like marriage  etc . Every Day a lot of devotees from Rourkela and outside visit this place. Prasad in food packets are available here for devotees and tourists on payment.

Tips for Photography:

1. Photography inside the premises is charged by the trust office as per the device used. Receipt of payment
may be obtained from the office located in one corner of the premises.

2. Please ask the priest before taking photos of temples insides. Many refuse to admit you inside to take photograph.

3. Temples, shops and visitors are the limited subject I could find for candid photography. However, few fares are organised which could be a good prospectus.

Display at shops outside vaatika


How to reach:

This place is merely 5 kilometers from the Rourkela railway station. Share auto, buses can drop you at the gate in merely 5 to 10 Rs.

For private vehicle owner, here is the map:




  1. So lovely you have shared this.
    Visited it a decade ago :)

    1. Thank you Anita. I think Vaatika now must be quite different then.

  2. Beautiful photos :) Seems a must visit place in Rourkela.

    1. Deepa You can spare one day for Rourkela on the way to Kolkatta. Its not that great, but good atmosphere and some religious environment here.

  3. Hi Paresh... how are you? Catching up after a substantial gap :)
    BTW, is it tallest in Odisha? I'm asking because I've seen taller Hanumaanji's structures, an example:
    I doubt any priest of any Hindu temple would entertain you photography :-P
    Happy blogging!

    1. Hi ... Yes it was a big gap. Now am back. As far the claim about height of the statue is concern, it is as per wiki and the info I gathered from the park. I hope it is the correct one.

  4. Cool! What grand sights!
    So you are enjoying these new places in your new job! Congrats!

    1. Thanks Indrani. Trying to settle down here. Too hot here but thank god humidity is low. Will start roaming around once rain arrives.

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