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Sculpture at Intersection - Abhigyan Chauk

Sculpture at Intersection - Abhigyan Chowk

The intention:

Rourkela Still Plant (RSP) by SAIL is heart of Odisha. Not only it pumps money into city, but also is responsible for its social development. 

One key development among many is "The ring road", encircling the city. Four lane wider, 23 kilometers long road is laid to connect almost all 19 sectors of planned new Rourkela city and old Rourkela. It is maintained and decorated by RSP, as a social initiative. The divider gardens, lush green plantation on both sides of roads, broad sidewalks of ring road keeps city traffic in order and makes commutation trouble free.

RSP architectures has creatively decorated the crossroads by raising aptly carved and suggestive sculptors made of steel. The new series "Sculpture at Intersection" is about such monuments that marks the city map of Rourkela. 

The Recognition:

To begin with, Abhigyan Chowk, word "Abhigyaan" means recognition (by a distinctive mark or token). The Chowk is adorned with a tree shaped steel structure symbolizing knowledge and its multifarious manifestations as described in our scriptures as gyana kalpa.

It was inaugurated by Mr.G.S.Prasad, CEO, Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) on the Republic Day 2013.

The Engineering:

 The departments involved in designing, fabrication and installation include Town Engineering (Civil), Town Engineering (Electrical), Design Department, Structural and Fabrication Shop and Field Machinery Maintenance. 

The location:

Made entirely of steel from Rourkela Steel Plant, this monument has been aptly placed at the junction of the Ring road and the road leading to Biju Patnaik Technical University. The structure weighing about 10 Tonnes is about 7 meters high and is placed on a concrete base.

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