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Why I chose Nano-twist ?

Why I chose Nano-twist ?

Logical reasons:

  • Car features are more than sufficient for my small family .
  • Last month I had accident with bike, after which I am not confident enough to drive two-wheeler. Lifestyle in Rourkela demands some commutation means. Distance from NIT To market, to station, to nearby picnic spots etc is at least 5 kilometres.
  • Better to have a small car like nano, than to have un-geared motor.
  • Everybody from our including me will learn to drive the car. In such condition, it is logical to invest on a disposable car. 
  • Proud of the vision by Tata, one of the product that Indian industry has given to the world.
  • "Cheap car" and "Unsecured" are the two big myths about Nano. 

Must watch Documentary appeared in NatGeo Megastructures: Making of Tata Nano

Technical Reasons:

  • Compared to other cars in the class (eg Alto, WagonR, i10 etc), The major difference is the power. Nano engine is 300 CC less as compared to these cars. Now the question is, when to use the extra power? On flat road, never. I leave in city, Rourkela, which is on Plateau. So extra power is useless.
  • Top-speed is 105 KM, high enough and still in safe range.
  • Efficiency is the highest among the class.
  • Design and technology issues are settled now. Nano was introduced 2008 and now it has completed more than 5 years. 
  • The new Tata Nano Twist comes with power steering, Music system (Four speaker, USB/Bluetooth/FM), air conditioner, newly designed dashboard with added electronics, and some smart engine cooling features add to the superb design.
  • Space is more. Front seats have much larger leg space as car is rear-wheel-drive. Perfect car for a couple with two children.
  • Good after-sales support in Rourkela.
  • Still it is cheaper compared t others ! I got it for mere 2.44 Lacs (On-road price) :-) I saved approx 1 lakh. Above all, SBI sanctions loan so quickly. For me, it took less than an hour to finish the whole procedure.

The pitfalls:

  • Boot space is just 80 litres. Not much luggage it can accommodate. However enough for 3 to 4 days trip for 3 persons.
  • Fuel tank is smaller, just 15 liters. Although the mileage on positive side, I think tank could have been designed for few more liters.
  • No air-bags. At-least upper models could have this option. 



  1. Congratulations on your new car :) Nice choice :) I love this blue colour :) I actually wanted the same blue colour in our car but then it was not available in that model that time. Learning to drive and driving are an amazing experiences :)

    1. And also loved new look of your blog :)

    2. Thanks Deepa, this color Dazzle Blue is available in latest models only. And we should keep on changing , specially our blog. Nothing should be monotonous :-)

  2. I always feel that we have to just have what we need as opposed to what we can buy.
    Perfect choice. Enjoy and drive safe.

    1. It saves a lot of money and can be used buy something more useful.


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