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Wandering Destination : Bhatye Beach, Ratnagiri

Wandering Destination : Bhatye Beach, Ratnagiri (MH,IN)

Bhatye beach is one of the prime beach my home town Ratnagiri city has. It is wide enough and it is at least a kilometer long. Plantation of cypress tree runs along with the beach. As many people prefer the Mandavi beach, Bhatye beach has comparatively less crowded. Less crowd makes this place peaceful and un-disturbed experience of a breezy evening is possible. 

Personally, I like to take a long walk on this beach.The sound of splashing waves at sunset, watch lighthouse functioning, look at the sand patterns created by waves, get surprised with different colors and textures of the rocks near by and so many things can be experienced at the evening time. Every visit has something new for you. Definitely on the list of my favorite beaches !

View of the beach from Table top

The light house

Cllect some sea shells with beautiful colors, pattern and textures

Talk with the native fisherman !

Non-stop waves

Mesmerizing evening
and the reflections on the water

A rich experience every day !


  1. Excellent captures Paresh!
    Truly awesome photography!

  2. superb pictures of the beachside and sky.
    I loved the sand patterns..
    Great photography.

  3. These images are AWESOME, Paresh!
    Great job!

  4. Gorgeous shots of this beautiful beach.

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  6. wow wonderful.... just ' beam me up' and take me there... i could use the peace and quiet

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