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Visit to Namdapha (2015) : Group members

Visit to Namdapha (2015) : Some Group Members

Rohan discussing his photo with other group members. From Left: Dr Milind (Red shirt), Hemant (Spects), Rohan, Prof Krushnemgh (Round cap), Ajay Gayakwad

Waiting for the boat after having a fruitful day at Lunkai stream. One looking through binocular is Swapnil Pawar, a nature enthusiast from Kolhapur. I dont have any better photo of his.

Me checking if flash is firing or not, three umpires from left: Varun Satose, Dharmaraj Patil, Prof Krushnmegh Kunte.

Prof Krushnmegh Kunte, Butterfly Man of India currently working with NCBS Bangalore. Visit his homepage, for more information about him and his work.

Ajay Gayakwad with his fav cat on the Deban campus. Ajay is professional interior decorator and leaves in Kolhapur.

Doc Milind Bhakare crossing the bridge on return from Haldibari. He is eye specialist practicing in Satara.

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  1. Your group members will be very happy seeing this post. The second image Lungkai stream is very good with those rock background.


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