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Kali Temple, Sambalpur (OD)

Wandering Destination: Kali Temple, Sambalpur (OD)

Kali Temple is located in the bed of river Mahanadi. Boatman takes ten rupees per pessanger for a round trip.

Its just 5 min away from Huma temple. On the way to Kali temple.

Idol of Ganesha at the entrance

Maa Kali statue

Lord Shankara stopped Kali by risking his life

View of Huma temple from Kali Temple

How to reach:

  • Kali temple is near to Huma temple, 23 km away from the city of Sambalpur on the way to Subarnpur (Sonpur).
  • Tourist can take Bus / private vehicles / auto rickshaw to reach the location.


  1. Some nice pictures of this place.

  2. The river looks particularly charming.

  3. It's beautiful... the first picture is amazing :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  4. Seems like a lovely place to visit. Nice captures as well.

  5. Nice picture of the Religious place .


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