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Metakani Temple, Sambalpur

Metakani Temple, Sambalpur

Maa Metakani temple is located in a forest at Rengali near to Ulunda in the Subarnpur district of Odisha. The name of the goddess is believed originated from a lady called "META".

About 2 Km drive through Rengali range after diverting from from the SH15 is the location of Metakani Temple

Temple is very popular among local people. Animal Sacrifices are done on regular basis. Photos are not allowed inside.

Temple gets flooded specially on the Tuesdays. 

Facilities are quite good at the place for: Parking, cooking food, offering pujas etc.

How to reach:

  • Temple is at about 65 Km west from the Sambalpur City.
  • Temple can be reached by road using private or public vehicle. Road condition is very good.
  • Best season to visit is from September to February.

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