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RSP Nursery at sector 4, Rourkela

RSP Nursery at sector 4, Rourkela

Nursery at Sector-4 is run and maintained by RSP. It cultivates variety of flower plants available to public for buy. 

Nursery can supply large variety of garden flowers specially during winter season. Cost of well grown plants are quite affordable.

Numerous kinds of roses are planted in the garden. Staples are available at a small price.
Dew drops at sharp ends of the rose leaf.

Variety of flowers at nursery is unparallel opportunity for photographers to come and shoot. No disturbance at all. Don't forget to take permission from Mr. Swain, who is in-charge of the nursery. In Picture: Mr. Satwinder Singh

Cosmos comes in multiple colors: Violet, Magenta, White. Even in black and white with backlit light, flower is quite attractive. 

Psyche. Some butterflies were also spotted. List include: Common Sailor, Common Lascar, Common Bush brown, Common Evening Brown, Common Crow, Lime, Psyche



Morning 7.30 to 11.30
Monday closed for sale
No entry fee


  1. Beautiful photos,
    Dew drops,monochrome pic just awesome.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  2. What a lovely post gorgeous pictures.


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