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Colors of fall at Kharikamunda

Colors of fall at Kharikamunda

After turning from Badgaon towards Bamra, just after few kilometers there is a place called KharikaMunda. Known to very few, the geologically interesting place is also a picnic spot. Some strange and puzzling terrain stopped us to explore more. It was some awesome place not to miss in the fall.

The place has some unusually large boulders on a very big rock or should I say a small hill with a flat top. Geologist do come here to collect rock samples for some study. I observed some strange patterns on the rock due to the presence of a layer sandwiched.

Main attraction was the scenery at the spot. The Bamra-Gangpur forest trees were shedding the leaves. Vivid colors, hues of yellows and greens, and occasionally contrast-creating  red leaves all against the blue sky separated by the cliffs was spectacular.

The late-afternoon light was imparting the character to the cliff. The blue-yellow combination had some stunning role to enhance the beauty of the place.

Traveling — it gives you home in thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land.”                                                                     — Ibn Battuta

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