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Wandering Destination: Bhubaneshwar

Wandering Destination: Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar is state capital for Odisha with a history for above 3000 years. It replaced Cuttack as state capital in 1948 soon after independence. Bhubaneshwar gets its distinction because of the facts:

  • Known as 'City of Temples'
  • One of the earliest modern planned city
  • Included in the list of proposed smart cities of of India
  • Cuttack and Bhubaneshwar are often refereed as Twin cities

To do list in Bhubaneshwar

  • Bhubaneshwar is city of temples. Visit temples and understand the Hinduism and appreciate the architecture
  • Visit Buddhist holy places to learn how Buddhism evolved
  • Visit museums to understand the rich tribal culture, life and philosophy 
  • Roam around old town for street and candid photography
  • Grasp the differences between the new and old Bhubaneshwar
  • Try Odissi delights at restaurants like Dalma
  • Watch cultural performances (Odissi dance, Gotipua Dance, Chaau dance etc)

To wander destinations in and around Bhubaneshwar, hired or shared auto would be the best way to commute. Its cheap, reliable, and fast. My rating out of five, distance from nearest square and share auto fare. This list would help you to optimise your plan to cover maximum tourist spots in least amount of time.


  • Raja-Rani Temple                 (5, 1.5 Km from Kalpana, 5)
  • Mukteshwar Temple             (5, 1.5 Km from Kalpana, 5)
  • Kedar-Gauri Temple             (3, 1.5 Km from Kalpana, 5)
  • Lingraj Temple                     (3, 2 Km from Kalpana, 5)
  • Dhauli Shant Stupa               (3.5, 6 Km from Kalpana, 300 for special auto, No share)
  • Dhabaleshwar Mandir           (3, 6 Km from Kalpana, near Dhauli)
  • Kapileshwar Mandir              (3, 4 Km from Kalpana, No share auto)
  • Bhaskareshwara Temple       (3.5, 1 Km from Kalpana, 5)
  • Iscon Temple                         (3.5, 0.5 Km from CRP, 5)
  • Siddheshwar Temple             (5, 1.5 Km from Kalpana, 5)

Attraction related to Bhuddhist culture

Museums and planetarium:

What to photograph in Bhubaneshwar

Science and Technology Institutes:


Transportation, Hotels, food etc

Bhubaneshwar is a state capital. All common facilities and infrastructure is superbly built and maintained. Photo shows the Sachivalaya marg- four lane road runs through he city connecting important government offices and other tourist spots to airport.

Railway Station Bhubaneshwar. Clean, well maintained. Proper info is provided. Waiting room facility is good.

AC restaurant at railway Station run by Food on wheels. Descent, clean. Service and food is good. Food is served cold sometime. 

Other tourist places near to Bhubaneshwar:

  • Puri
  • Konark
  • Raghurajpur
  • Simplipal
  • Chillika

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