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Beyond Bollywood

Sheetal Kolwalkar performed Kathak and tap dance.

Beyond Bollywood

Beyond Bollywood - a fusion of dance, vocal, and instrumental was performed by Pt Vijay Ghate and group on the occasion of opening ceremony at ISM 2016. Numbers played was a mix of semi-classical and Bollywood.
  • Pt. Vijay Ghate (Tabla)
  • Amar Oak (Flute)
  • Nagesh Adgaonkar (Vocal)
  • Anay Gadgil (Synthesiser)
  • Abhijit Bhade (Drums)
  • Sheetal Kolwalkar (Kathak)
  • Nilesh Yadav (Sound)

Jugalbandi between Pt Ghate and Amar Oak

Nagesh added the vocal charm to the presentation

Connecting People - Nokia tune by Anay

Solo Drums by Abhijit

The awesomeness together

Padmashree Vijay Ghate receiving the applaud from the audience at the end of the program

The expressions !

Now, enjoy some exclusive moments from the program !


  1. It must have been an amazing event. Great clicks.

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