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Mahashivratri rituals at Vedvyaas

Mahashivratri rituals at Vedvyaas

Every year on the occasion of MahaShivRatri, people in Rourkela offer 'Puja' to the Lord Shiva. Thousands of them gather at Vedvyaas, a complex of temples located on the banks of River Brahmani.
Vedvyaas can be approached by road as well as by crossing the river. River stream shrinks and is easy to cross in the month of March. Locals put up temporary wooden bridge to make it further easy. 

It is believed that Lord Shiva bless the one who builds the idol "the Lingam" using the sand from the river. Believers collect the sand in copper pots and construct one and then decorate it.

On the evening the river bed starts flooding in with worshipers from all over the town to grab a place near to the river stream. 
Whole family put the efforts together and decorate the idol using flowers and Lord Shiva's favorite bell-patri.

Not only women, boys and men also perform the ritual to get the blessings from the almighty.

Offering puja comes with so much of preparation - Lamps with ghee, fruits for Naivedya, making garlands etc.

The last thing before the prayer is to take a quick bath in holy river water.

Soon after the sunset, the prayers are offered, lamps are lighten up. 

Now imagine whole river bed with such thousands of lamps !

Family seats around the idol, keeps lamps lit throughout the night. Next morning, the lingam is submerged into the river and the fast ends.

Vedvyaas temple complex looks spectacular decorated with both electric and oil-lamps. A typical Indian fun-fair is also organised in the fields near by which runs for more than a weak.


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