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Wandering Destination: Bireswar Temple

Wandering Destination: Bireswar Temple

Bireswar Temple is dedicated to lord shiva. It is situated at a scenic place, called Birtola near Darjing, on the banks of the river Brahmani.

Rourkelaites are fond of the destination for a weekend picnic. The reflections of sun setting is spectacular to watch.

Colorful rocks here is another attraction. Rocks facets patterns, metallic finish and variety of colors indeed is an attraction for nature lovers. 

The Banyan trees penetrating the limestone rocks

On the opposite bank of river situates the Bamra range forest which hosts a variety of trees including Mahua, Tendu, and Saal. The river can be crossed with the help of seasonal fishermen here.

Some family of fisherman lives in the dried up river bed and earns by selling the river fish.

How to reach:

Bireswar temple is located at Birtola on the SH23 highway, about 48 Km from Rourkela. It can be approached by road.


  1. Beautiful place, very senic.

  2. fantabulous pics, liked the second one most and speechless about the last one.

  3. Your photos are very beautiful. So serene and lovely.
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  4. beautiful pictures..the places looks picturesque!

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  5. First of all thank you for talking about Bireshwar Shivji Temple. The photo of the temple with the sun behind is Divine.

    Also each and every photo is unique and beautiful. Really wonderful post.

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  6. Pictures like a dream!
    And such a wonderful photo of sun setting!
    All the best for you,
    Edith from Germany

  7. I agree with you, the place is so serene.


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