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BizCard : Snap'n'Save

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BizCard 1.0

An Android Application to Automate the Process of Information Retrieval from Business Cards

Save a business card on mobile in just two steps:

BizCard is an Android-based business card recognition application to automate the information recording and retrieval process. The application recognizes Indian-based business cards from a wide variety of fonts and formats. 

Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. Sharing cards during formal introductions is believed to be a convenient and a memory aid. However, it becomes a problem in itself when a pile of received cards grows larger. Storing the cards physically, categorizing them, and retrieving the information when needed is challenging in itself. Digitizing or automating the storage, classification, and retrieving is certainly a way out. A smartphone with a decent camera can play a pivotal role in making the digitization handy.


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BizCard can be downloaded for free from Google Play store:

From Mobile: Download

From PC: Check this.

We welcome your valuable feedback, it will help us to improve the app further.

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Those who are interested in the technology used, read this paper we published:

Key People

SwayanJeet Mishra, M. Tech. Dual Degree Student (Electrical Engg)

Paresh Kale

GUI and logo design:
Bharat Apat, B. Tech. student (Industrial Design)

Offered by:
Daffodil Digital Solution, NIT Rourkela


  1. Very useful app. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is quite an innovative idea. With everything moving towards digitization,you sure would also want to get all your cards saved in this fashion and keep it handy. I have myself faced the issue of handling the piles of cards shared by people during the business meets. One silly time, I accidentally handed over my card to a person, only to realize it later that I have handed him a card which was given to me by some other person :D

  3. so cool and helpful.. will sure try it out..

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