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The Panposh Bridge

The Panposh Bridge

The Panposh bridge, constructed in the early 1950s, connects the steel city with the rest of the state. This 150 m long bridge is built to cross river Brahmani near Rourkela. Alongside main road bridge there are two rail bridges running parallel.

Soon the Rourkela and Sambalpur, two major cities of Odisha will get connected through a four-lane highway passing through Jharsuguda where new airport is being constructed. There is urgent need and demand for the old age bridge to be renovated or to build a new one close to it. In the evening time when the heavy vehicletraffic starts, traffic jam is very common as there is no alternate way to enter rourkela from west sideof the city.

Meanwhile, city authorities have taken up project for beautification of near by ghat on the river to make it a place to spend calm evenings. Sunset over the river seen from the proposed beautification site certainly not to be missed.

The paanposh bridge as seen from the Vedvyaas
Evening traffic on the bridge



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