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Wandering Destination: Chiplima Power Station

Wandering Destination: Chiplima Power Station

Schematic of a typical hydroelectric plant construction

A hydroelectric powerhouse at Chiplima (Power House – II under stage III) is an outcome of renovation carried out by Odisha government under 11th five-year plan. The Chiplima powerhouse was earlier a part of HPS Burla. As a part of the restructuring, Chiplima Power House (Power House No. II) has been separated from HPS, Burla, with effect from 01.07.2009 and renamed as Chiplima Hydro Electric Project. Currently, three generating units with installed capacity of 72 MW (3 x 24) makes the power. The plant uses Kaplan turbine spinning at 350 RPM and uses a head of 72 feet.

Powerhouse is located near famous Ghanteshwari Temple. To enter inside the generation unit, prior permission from authorities should be obtained. However, a spectacular view of the reservoir and the Mahanadi basin is seen while crossing the dam wall to reach the Ghanteshwari Temple

Pathway to cross the reservoir to reach Ghanteshwari Temple
A view of 11/132 KV substation feeding power produced tot he grid

Huge 75 Tone crane installed over dam wall

How to reach:

The power house is located very near to Ghanteshwari Temple. Leave NH53 at Goshala to reach the plant located at about 13 Km from the diversion.



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