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Wandering Destination : Koilighugar waterfall

Wandering Destination : Koilighughar waterfall

Koilighughar is one of the serene and tranquil location of a waterfall, lesser known spot which is hidden in the Chhuikhanch' forest dominated by Mahua and Saal trees near Lakhanpur. Koilighughar waterfall is around 100 ft on the river Ahiraj later to merge into the Mahanadi river. It is said that Inside the fall there is a Shivalingam known as Maheswarnath. 

The lingam is submerged in water and is not ordinarily visible. For the benefit of the pilgrims, another Shivalingam has been created just outside the waterfall. Worshippers, in plenty, come here to praise the lords. The place of lingam is unique due to its location. Perhaps the most scenic I have ever seen. Beware of the monkeys who are daring enough to snatch anything from your hand, particularly bags.

To enjoy the front view of this beautiful little beast, one should cross the river, go left and climb down a shallow cut through the boulders. The best season to enjoy the thick forest and water flow is from October to December. Koilighugar has an annual fair on the occasion of Sivaratri.

An ashram of Soham swami is located on the premises where the priests of the temples live. 

Place of worship where the alternative Shivalingam is located

A priest cleaning the arsenals of the goddess Durga on the occasion of Vijayadashami
Front view of the fall

Ashram of Soham Swami

Mobile Shots:

An entrance gate being built

Temple on the campus

Cooking space for visitors

Driving from Gobindpur to Koilighugar through forest


How to reach:

On driving from Jharsuguda, drive towards Raigarh on SH 49. From Gobindpur, located at about 20 Km from Belpahar, take a right turn and drive for about 6 km through the forest to reach Koilighugar Waterfall.

Road from Jharsuguda till Gobindpur is newly built in 2016 and is very wide and smooth. At Belpahar railway crossing chokes the traffic especially due to the heavy transport vehicles. While returning to Jharsuguda make sure that you cross the railway crossing before 3.30 PM. After 3.30 PM, all the trucks are released and will make the drive difficult. 

Raigarh is about 40 Km if continued on same highway 49.


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