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Wandering Destination : Vikramkhol Cave

Wandering Destination: Vikramkhol Cave

Vikramkhol caves located in the Sundargarh district is known for the prehistoric rock art and rock inscriptions found reserve forest of Belpahar.

The ancient cave located in Banjari village bears a script written by then resident humans far back in the 4000 B.C (Mesolithic Period). Details about the caves were first published in Indian Antiquary in 1935 by historian K.P.Jayaswal.

The size of the inscriptions is 37 meters in lengths, 5.65 meters in breadth and 8 meters in height. All these engravings both figurative patterns and motifs were pigmented with ochre color. As per IGNCA report [4], at present there is a single specimen of the painting of a honeycomb pattern drawn in bichrome of dark red and white and a host of engravings. A replica of the inscription is exhibited in State Museum of Odisha located in Bhubaneshwar.

The ancient symbols engraved on the walls of the cave of are

  • Paintings of flora and fauna (footprints of animal, deer, cobra hood marks, cupules, cobra hood marks, palm,  and floral design)
  • Geometric shape (triangles with or without a depression at the center, obliterated portion of a rhombic pattern, honeycomb pattern, dots, Roman, and Brahmi alphabetic form, oval carpet shape)
  • Circular holes dug in the wall where weapons, dress and other articles of use were being kept suspended
  • Floors, where circular holes have been dug to pound the grains

Even though Vikramkhol is a tourist place, it lacks the protection to the artwork and lacks the facilities for the visitors. Rock shelters discovered are deteriorating because of lack of attention. The inscriptions are open to the air, maximizing chances of fading over time or vandalism by the visitors. As it is located inside Reserve Forest of Belpahar range, the remote access to the place has also contributed to neglect by Government Agencies.

How to reach:

The caves are about 33 Km from the nearest town of Jharsuguda in Odisha. On NH49 cross the Belpahad railway crossing and at about 2 Km leave the highway to go towards Hemgir.  Continuing on the road for 7 Km, one can see a temple on the road, turn left to enter the forest and follow the dirt road for 3 Km to reach Vikramkhol.

Always keep left once you leave the main road.

A video showing the entrance to the cave road:

Some important tips:

  • Just after the rainy season, the 3-Km road from Grindola to the cave is not motorable. People are advised to keep your car on the main road and walk the distance through the cave.
  • Forest roads are not mapped on google map. Seek directions from the locals. They are very helpful.
  • Carry water and food especially if you are walking. There is no arrangement for food and water at the cave.
  • Photography is allowed.
  • No entrance fee.

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