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त्या रात्री जी हरवलीस तू ,
तिलाच शोधतो आहे.
मिठीत विसावली होतीस तू,
ती मिठी भोगतो आहे !

मंद धुंद क्षण, जे दुरावले,
पुन्हा ते शोधतो आहे.
विश्वास पूर्ण आहे तुजवरी,
परीस्थिती भोगतो आहे !

आहे नक्की, परतशील तू ,
तो क्षण मी शोधतो आहे.
असेल वाईट तरीही, उद्यासाठी
हा विरह भोगतो आहे !

देईल आधार जिवनाला,
ती सखी शोधतो आहे.
जगात आहे कुणीतरी माझे,
हा आनंद भोगतो आहे !

Matiabandh Pokhari near King's Old Palace, Konjhar

Matiabandh Pokhari near King's Old Palace

Keonjhar, a beautiful Odia district, once was a small princely state. Keonjhar served as a capital where the king Dhanurjay Narayan Bhanjadeo built a small palace sometime between 1861 and 1905. After India become the republic, the Royals slowly left the palace due to some or other reason. Lack of attention deteriorated the beauty of the small castle. Nowadays, the palace is not open for public; however, two temples nearby are. One is Maa Tarini temple located inside the palace. After sunset, this part of Keonjhar is frightening. No lights, no directions and feels like it's a typical ghost-Bangalow. 

The other temple Matiabandh Pokhari (now called Chandan Pokhari) is on the south side of the palace, outside the premises inside a small lake. Once the lake dries up, people visit the temple. During Rath Yatra and Chandan Yatra, a unique fair is organised.

Lakeside is a peaceful place to be, especially in the morning. The lake and palace are now very near to the new expressway AH-46, to be operational soon.