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Swar-chandrika Mrs. Padmaja Phenany-Joglekar

Swar-chandrika Padmaja Phenany-Joglekar 

Swar-chandrika Padmshri Mrs. Padmaja Phenany-Joglekar performing at Tata Memorial Hospital in a function organised by dept. of transfusion medicine. Before her presentation, a felicitation program of regular platelets donor was arranged. Padmaja tai and her husband Sunil sir both are regular donors of platelets at the hospital.

A group photo after the program. From Left: Friend of Joglekar couple from Bhopal, Mrs. Medha Kale, Padmajatai, Mr. Joglekar, and myself

Do enjoy a small video of the event:

Her official website:


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    1. Thanks ali for these wonderful words , it inspire truly.

  2. Must have been a special event!

    1. Yes Mridula, indeed. She has unique and beautiful voice. Apart from that, she is a wonderful person. :-)


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