Why to use CPL filter?

CPL filter

Basics of Landscape photography composition:

For landscape photography, one imperative element of composition is the depth. Depth imparts perception and 3D feeling to the photo. Depth is achieved by composing elements at three divisions of snapshot (Layer concept): Near to camera, in mid range, and very far.

By and large, objects like flower, stone, and even living being are placed very next to to the lens. Such an entity helps to create curiosity in the photograph and adds unlike angle. It is accomplished by using wild angle lens. Only wide angle lens (focal length around 10 mm to 20 mm) allows perspective expansion. In mid range, components like plateau, small mountain ranges or clutter of man-made stuff can be used. This region describes the place in the photo, giving major idea about the surroundings. Far range element constitutes either mountain ranges or sky.

Problems addressed:

After photographing the sky as background in the photo, most of the time it looks flat. It looks totally disgusting compared to what our eyes see. This flatness problem can be avoided completely using one important accessory: Circular Polarizing (CPL) filter. CPL filter is fitted on the front of the lens. A rotating disc on the filter is rotated to achieve the preferred effect. Apart from flatness, sometime there can be unwanted reflections, poor contrast, poor saturation.

Advantages of CPL filter:

  • Imparts gradient to the sky. It increases the darkness towards the upper end of the sky.
  • It removes unwanted reflections / glare. For example: reflections from windows, water, eye-glasses
  • Improves the contrast in the photograph, especially in rainy and over cast days. CPL increases the saturation.
  • It protects the lens from scratches, dust, rain etc. 

Disadvantages of CPL filter:

  • CPL filter doesn’t works in all direction. It works fine when source of light and camera are perpendicular. 
  • To accomplish desired effect, filter needs to be adjusted manually, by rotating the disc on filter.
  • CPL filter decreases the light by 2 stops. 

Few in detail write-ups about CPL:


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