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Wandering Destination: Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Shegao

Wandering Destination: Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Shegao

Shegaon is a small town located in Maharashtra on central rail line from Mumbai to Nagpur. It is sacred place for the people who believed in the powers of Gajanan Maharaj, one of the saints from modern era. Shegaon hosts his Samadhi, now is a temple. Thousands of people visit here daily and donates in terms of food, money, and sacred service. Continuous chanting of mantras, Bhajan, and Kirtan are conducted in the premises of the temple. Complete meal is served here as prasad. A long cue is always expected here for both Darshan and Prasad. It is advised to be in cue very early in the morning.

Apart from this temple, visitors can enjoy the evening at Anand Sagar. In this post about Anand sagar, I have written in detail about visiting this place accompanied with some web-links and the map.

Inside the temple

Temple as seen from outside one fine morning 

Periphery of the temple

Rush at the temple

Meditation, Chanting inside the premises

Entrance of the temple were the offerings can be bought


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