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श्रावण मास


 श्रावण मास 

मावळतीच्या रंगात रंगुनी,
आल्या श्रावण धारा,
तृणफुले चिंब ओलावली,
झाली पावन धरा !

ढगात दडले गुढसें काही
शोधीत वारा निघाला
सप्तरंगाच्या कमानीखाली
झंकार विसावला !

पर्जन्यारूप मेघरूप सूर्य ,
सोबत रुपेरी छटा,
आक्रंदीले आकाश मेघांनी ,
श्रावण हा हवासा !


  1. Great Lines for the Shravan Month--The Holiest Month in Hindu Calendar.. :D
    Loved the Lines Paresh and Did you make the sketch?

    1. Thanks Harsha , I wrote the lines but those are not my lines. Earlier I forgot to mention the source, now its corrected. Thanks for conveying it !

  2. Hi Paresh,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    I dont understand Marathi but can feel the poetic essence of the words. I think poetry is one of purest forms of art and putting your thoughts in words can be the most rewarding experience :)

    1. You are absolutely right Pallaviji. I think if u can understand the jest of what I have written its the greatest compliment. Poem is something beyond the words, its all about the experience and imagination TY for the comments and please follow this blog to get regular updates !


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