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Camera settings for capturing sea waves

Camera settings for capturing sea waves

Mode of operation:

I prefer to set camera in either manual or aperture priority mode. One should be careful about light when choosing aperture and shutter speed settings with manual mode. If the combo needs to be fixed, exposure compensation can be useful. Aperture mode avoids most of the jargon as choosing shutter speed, it automatically fixes shutter speed which is good enough.

Shutter speed

Shutter speed must be high to freeze the moments of splashing. Speed faster that 1/1000 s is sufficient. Sometimes the light is too strong and shutter speed reaches to 1/3200 or more. This is the reason why morning time around 8 AM to 9 AM is preferable, specially considering light conditions.

Use of 300 mm to catch splash center


Aperture can be around 8. Aperture priority is best choice, works sufficiently well. As light is ample, shutter speed never falls below required.


18-55 Kit lens is usually serves the purpose. To shoot the center of the flash (close-up), lens more than 200 mm is required.


To decrease the light sometimes ND filter can be used. CPL filter may be used to increase blue gradient in the background of the wave.

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