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Wandering Destination: Indira Gandhi Park, Rourkela

Indira Gandhi Park, Rourkela (Odisha)

Condition of the bear tells it all !

Wandering Destination: Indira Gandhi Park (IGP), Rourkela

IGP is one of the three recreation parks Rourkela has, developed and maintained by Rourkela Steel Plant.

Spread, location, and approach:

  • Park is spread over 50 acres of land.
  • The location of the said park is adjacent to Ring Road and Main road leads to Traffic Chowk from Sector – 2 and Sector – 4 respectively. It is located near to sector-2 bus stand.
  • From railway station, share auto can drop right in the front of the IGP gate for 10 rupees. Private buses also run on the same route.

Worker feeding fish to crocodiles


1. Zoo:

It has its own small zoo. 

Common animals: Bear, Neelgai, Spotted dear, Crocodile, Rabbit etc.

Common birds: Peacock, Variety of parrots, Fowls, Ibis, storks etc.

Hand of steel
Peacock - prime attraction of the zoo

2. "Hand-of-steel" sculpture

"The Hands of Steel" or the "Ten Million Monument" was designed by Vijay Acquilla and made at the initiative of Dr. P L Agarwal.

Pond inside the park, surrounded by the pathway and the toy train. Pond has boating facility.

Musical fountain,board shows the timing of the show

3. Indira Gandhi pond: 

A small lake inside the park with a boating facility.

4. Toy trains:

This train meant for children runs around the pond.

5. Musical Fountains:

Every day musical fountains are switched on in the evening. The show runs for half an hour. It can be enjoyed sitting in the lawns nearby. 

Top of Doll museum building

6. Doll museum:

Collection of variety of dolls. It is situated in one of the corner of the park. Timing of the doll museum is still a mystery for me, as I failed to catch it open on two occasions. 

7. Rose garden:

It is a season attraction. Roses are planted in November and flowers January onward to last for next two months.

Rose Garden being prepared for the next cultivation
Spectacularly backlit tree photographed on a late morning in October

Lawns inside the park

  • Lawns are well maintained.
  • Enough benches to sit
  • Two food courts for snacks, mostly packed food and beverages.

Timings and Entry fees:

Visitors at the park watching birds


  1. Zoo is not properly maintained. Strong feeling to liberate the animals arises after looking at the conditions. Small, untidy and unprofessionally designed cabins must be replaced by better ones.
  2. No drinking water facility apart from the food court.
  3. Doll museum timings depends upon the worker there, he has his own way to do so.
  4. Park opens at 8 AM in the morning, too late for exercise and summer days in Rourkela.

Bridge on ring road out side the main entrance of the the IG park is the landmark
Main entrance to the IG park 

Flowers in IG park

Flowers in IG park


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