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Trance state - What next ?

Trance state - What next ?

Photowalk : Shantadurga Temple (Goa)

Photowalk : Shantadurga Temple (Goa)

The temple is dedicated to Shantadurga, the goddess who mediates between Vishnu and Shiva.

Place of worship is sacred for Goud Saraswat Brahmins (GSB) community.

To offer to gd, Locals sale flowers specially the bunch of lotus flowers merely ten rupees.

Large cmplex of Shantadurga Temple is located 33 km from Panaji in Ponda Taluka, Goa.
This current temple structure of Shree Shantadurga devi was built during the period from 1713 a.d to 1738 a.d. 

  • There is a main temple and three smaller temples of other deities which have been built on three sides of the temple. The temple consists of a collection of pyramidal roofs with an interesting dome. The pillars and floors are made of Kashmir stone. 

  • Many renovations have been done over the years to the main temple and to the temples of other deities besides the guest house which is built on three sides of the temple.
  • The temple has a huge tank, a Dipa Stambha and agrashalas (guest houses).

Idol of Shantadurga , Ref Wiki

after Devpuja (worshipping the god) some time for Petpuja (Dining). Small huts just outside the entrance sells beverages, snacks, memorabilia and even typical govian style cloth


Wandering destination: Namdapha NP (part 6: Landscape in photos and videos)

Wandering Destination: Namdapha NP (part 6: Landscape in photos and videos)

Valleys of Namdapha National park are rich with flora and fauna

Destination amidst cool and calm nature, far away from urban life. An unique experience.

River bed right in middle of the park brings life to it, literally

Enchanting landscapes adds to the beauty

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Why Pak fighting terrorism halfheartedly?

Why Pak fighting terrorism halfheartedly?

Sponsored terrorism is now a characteristics of the foreign policy and army of Pakistan. Sponsorship has started backfiring severely against themselves, its intensity is increasing day by day or should I say blast by blast. Recent Peshawar massacre followed by Talibani threat to further attack children is not going to force the Pakistani leadership to change the course of action in fighting terrorism positively. However there are certain strong reasons Pakistan do not want to do which us right, do not want to full fill the demands of humanity. 

1. Funding from US and other nations: 

If Pakistan succeeds in curbing the terrorism totally, it will stop incoming funding. Funding helps Pakistan to buy weapons and aid its military to fight proxy war against India. 

2. Friendship with US and China: 

When terrorism vanishes from Pak soil, US will have no more interest in maintaining strong relations with Pakistan. Pakistan, as it doesn't have any vital resources or strategical geographical positions, it wont be logical for US to continue ties with Pakistan. China considers India as its one the greatest enemy. Helping Pakistan is the only solution to suppress India's growth indirectly. China is following US way and gaining power over south Asia.

3. Check on India: 

Keeping terrorism alive comes with an indirect advantage for Pakistan. It keeps Indian government to go slow on Pakistan. India is unable to take harsh actions as US is still with Pakistan. India don't want to slow down the progress of friendship building measures with US. Crab mentality of Pakistan is proving a strategic asset.

4. Involvement of Pak army: 

Pak army is deeply involved in supporting the activities of several terrorist organisations. Army helps terrorists to cross the border and supplies arms, food, shelter etc. Removing soft corner  and changing the mindset of some is herculean task. 

5. US Hypocrisy:  

US is clearly Hippocratic when comes the question of supporting or opposing a nation. How useful that country is for US is the key to US decision. It depends on presence of oil, its geographical position, political status of that country. US recently have openly stated that it cannot end the relationship with Pakistan even though its the source of terrorist activities. Hippocratic policy of US has backfired in cases of Afganistan, Iraq, Vietnam.  So question is, if 9/11 fails to change US mind, who will ?

These reasons are strong enough to say that Pak will never ever be successful in irradiating the terrorism from its soil. Unless and until somebody creates anti-terrorist god ! 11th Vishnu Avatar ? 

Secrets revealed: How to choose the best background for photograph?

Shifting the angle of shooting without loosing the sharpness of object helps to choose the background. D7000 along with Nikkor 105 IF-ED VR macro lens is used.

Secrets revealed: How to choose background for photograph?

A better photo can be completely transformed into the best one, provided the background is chosen wisely. Here are some simple tips to get the best out of nothing, literally !

  • To keep object standing out of image, use contrasting color in the background.  

  • Use a lens with longer focal length for portraits ( typically more than 150 mm) and use a genuine macro lens for the macro objects like flower and butterfly. 

  • Longer focal length or macro lens held close to object blurs the background and expands it. Thus even a small object appears large which helps in choosing the background on shifting the angle of shooting.

  • Keep the f-number of the lens as low as possible. A compromise with the sharpness has to be made tough.

  • Lying down on the ground will help to choose its blue color as background

  • Sometimes a near by object (e.g. leaves, grass etc) can be moved behind the object to shoot to get the desired one.

  • Artificial cloth or paper can also be placed behind the object. The color of this dummy must be chosen carefully especially for natural objects. The shade should not look like an artificial ones.
  • Do use some elements which relates to the object being photographed. This makes photograph lively and tells a story to the viewer.

En-route Konkan Railway - The commuters

En-route Konkan Railway - The commuters

...... And miles to go before I sleep !

...... And yes ! I am back home.

Hurry will start soon !

..... And its time for a cup of tea !
..... and its time to say good bye !

Blue is the color !

..... and soon wait will be over !

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Striped Pierrot - Tarucus nara

Striped Pierrot - Tarucus nara

Female of Striped Pierrot laying eggs. Female is often larger in size than the male.

Another shot of the female
Male can be easily distinguished from female only if upper wings are seen.

Caterpillar of Striped Pierrot. Frequently it is accompanied by ants which helps each other to survive. Caterpillar rests beneath the leaf to avoid being a pray to predators like birds. 

Chaau Dance - II

Chaau Dance - II

  • Chhau Dance tradition can be categorised based on three main schools or styles: Seraikella Chhau, Mayurbhanj Chhau and Purulia Chhau

It employs mock combat techniques (called khel), stylized gaits of birds and animals (called chalis and topkas)


काही कथा - भाग ७

काही कथा - भाग ७

दांडी सत्याग्रहाची घोषणा केल्यानंतर महात्मा गांधी यांना मोतीलाल नेहरू (राहुल गांधी यांचे खापर पणजोबा) यांनी लांबलचक पत्र लिहिले. त्यात दांडी सत्याग्रहामुळे काहीही साध्य होणार नाही; तो कसा फसेल आदी मुद्दय़ांचा ऊहापोह केला. 
गांधीजींनी पत्राचे उत्तर दिले- 'कर के देखो, तुम्हारा बापू.' 

नेहरू नाराज झाले. पण नेत्याची इच्छा ही आज्ञा मानून त्यांनी दांडी सत्याग्रहाच्या स्थान व वेळेची घोषणा केली. सत्याग्रहाच्या दिवशीच रेल्वे स्थानकावर मोतीलाल नेहरू यांना ब्रिटिश अधिकाऱ्यांनी अटक केली.

तुरुंगात जाण्यापूर्वी नेहरू यांनी गांधीजींना तार पाठवली. 

त्यात म्हटले होते- 'प्रिय बापू, बिना किये ही देख लिया!' 

गांधीजींना जनमानसाची नाडी माहिती होती. कारण ते लोकांमध्ये मिसळत होते. 

लेबनीज लेखक खलील जिब्रानची रूपककथा आहे. 

सुरूपता आणि कुरूपता या दोन बहिणी, स्नानासाठी तलावात उतरल्या. वस्त्रं तळ्याच्या काठावर ठेवली होती. पाण्यात त्या मनसोक्त डुंबत होत्या. इतक्यात कुरूपतेला काहीसं आठवलं..... 

ती लगबगीने तळ्याबाहेर आली. तिने सुरूपतेची वस्त्रं अंगावर चढवली आणि निघून गेली. 

सुरूपता अजूनही पाण्यात डुंबतच होती. यथावकाश तीही पाण्याबाहेर आली; तर तिला दिसलं... की, कुरूपतेची वस्त्रं काठावर आहेत. ती घालून बाहेर पडण्याशिवाय तिला गत्यंतर उरले नाही. 

तेव्हापासून भलंबुरं ओळखण्यात माणसाची गल्लत होऊ लागली.

साऱ्या सरोवरांचा मान असलेल्या मानसरोवरात विहरणारा हंस आणि तळ्यात व समुद्राच्या काठाकाठाने फिरणारा बगळा यांचा हा संवाद. 

बगळा विचारतो. 'तू कोण आहेस ?' इतका शुभ्र... माझ्यापेक्षा कणभर अधिकच शुभ्र असा तू कोण? कोठला? 
हंस उतरतो, 'मी तो आहे.... ज्याचे डोळे पाय आणि चोच लाल आहेत' 

हंसाच्या उत्तरावर बगळ्याचा पुढचा प्रश्न. 'तू कोठून आलास?'

हंस म्हणाला 'मानसरोवरातून!' 

बगळ्याने ते कधी ऐकलंच नव्हतं. तो म्हणाला, 'काय आहे हे' 

हंस म्हणाला, 'तेथे सुवर्णकमळे डुलतात पाण्यावर, आणि पाणी इतकं गोड आहे की अमृतच. आणि सर्वत्र मोतीच मोती विखुरलेले. तो मोत्यांचा चारा मी खातो,' 

बगळ्याने असे कधी ऐकलेले नव्हते. 
तो म्हणाला, ...ते ठीक आहे हो! पण त्या सरोवरात कीटक आणि मासे असतात का? खाण्यासाठी माशांसारखं काय काय मिळतं?

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