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Secrets revealed: How to choose the best background for photograph?

Shifting the angle of shooting without loosing the sharpness of object helps to choose the background. D7000 along with Nikkor 105 IF-ED VR macro lens is used.

Secrets revealed: How to choose background for photograph?

A better photo can be completely transformed into the best one, provided the background is chosen wisely. Here are some simple tips to get the best out of nothing, literally !

  • To keep object standing out of image, use contrasting color in the background.  

  • Use a lens with longer focal length for portraits ( typically more than 150 mm) and use a genuine macro lens for the macro objects like flower and butterfly. 

  • Longer focal length or macro lens held close to object blurs the background and expands it. Thus even a small object appears large which helps in choosing the background on shifting the angle of shooting.

  • Keep the f-number of the lens as low as possible. A compromise with the sharpness has to be made tough.

  • Lying down on the ground will help to choose its blue color as background

  • Sometimes a near by object (e.g. leaves, grass etc) can be moved behind the object to shoot to get the desired one.

  • Artificial cloth or paper can also be placed behind the object. The color of this dummy must be chosen carefully especially for natural objects. The shade should not look like an artificial ones.
  • Do use some elements which relates to the object being photographed. This makes photograph lively and tells a story to the viewer.


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