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New trains : Change is near !

New train : Change is near !

Bringing the promise of "Acchhe Din" is undoubtedly a herculean task for Modi government. I am sure with his efforts, sincerity and bit of luck about international economic condition, he will achieve it.

Obviously, it will take some time. We have to wait and we should be keen on the developments. Remember, inertia ! It applies for every thing, even market condition. We can sense upcoming good days looking at some sign round us. To make Indian life better, among many other issues, Indian Railways will certainly be a concern for Modi govt. Improving Railways is highly expected by the people, specially Mumbaikars. 

Few days back, I was waiting to catch a train from Thane station. I saw a new train, probably being tested. Here are some pictures. This train is supposed to shuttle from Diva to Boisar.

These pictures, plausibly, indication of better days for Indian Railways.

All the photos captured with Moto E.


  1. we hope we will see a New India after 5 years . Nice post

  2. Paint alone won't usher in achche din!

  3. काश, अच्छे दिन जल्दी आ जाए...

  4. Well, let them start with the paint. At least the trains are looking good. :-)


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