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Quick visit to Ispat Neharu Park, Rourkela

Quick visit to Ispat Neharu Park, Rourkela

Ispat Neharu Park is newly developed park in Rourkela. It is situated near Ambagan Market or Ambagan square on ring-road. Here is the candid photo walk of the park. All the photos shot with Moto E and are posted unprocessed.  I was early for an appointment with OGH doctor. Instead of waiting at the hospital lounge, I decided to go to the park. As it was unplanned visit, couldn't carry my DSLR.
Check the closeups of roses taken in Jan 2016 here.

Entry costs just 2 rupees. Too small for such park with plenty of maintenance and amenities. 

3D Theater. On the list to watch a show to see how good it is.
To my estimate, the park is spread over at least 50 acres or more. Lush green lawns, variety of flowering plants and other indigenous trees makes it less artificial.

Dust beans, plenty of them,  here are creatively designed. For example this monkey statue holds the garbage basket.

Inauguration details

Park has a boating house. A 4- seat boat can be hired for half an hour paying extra 40 Rs.

Boat house has two paddle-boats.

At the centre of park is the fountain surrounded by a cool flower garden

I visited in early Decmber. New rose plants being planted around the fountain. Earlier this place was filled with "Rajanigandha" flowers.

Park is still under development, new roads, seating arrangements, plantation and many more things being carried out. Wish to visit it before this winter gets over to enjoy the rose blossom.

Location of the park:

Map of the park:


Entry fees are revised from October 2015.
Entry (Above 5 years) : 5 Rs.
Still Camera: 10 Rs.
Vide Camera: 15 Rs.


  1. Oh! I am in love with Steel Cities, SAIL and their parks. We had City Park in Bokaro Steel City. This one in Rourkela looks similar to the one in Bokaro. :)

  2. What a lovely park to spend some time in. Nice shots :-)

  3. Visited the park saw 3 couples in compromising position. Then i turned back home and have decided not to visit ispat nehru park again


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