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Gudguda waterfall (Odisha)

Gudguda waterfall (Odisha)

This is one of the small but beautiful waterfalls of Sambalpur district, Odisha. It is a Cascade waterfall meaning two waterfalls back to back. Waterfall sprinkles out from the Gudguda mountain, however streams doesn't turns into any river.

It is one of the perfect family picnic spot, approachable from any part of Odisha. After October, when Monsoon recedes, limited waterflow allows visitors to enjoy cold water streams. A small stream flows through the forest and in later parts support vegetation and farming in near by villages. Fruits like Mango, Litchi, Oranges are grown around the place.

Waterfall lies on the brink of Bamra-Gangpur forest full of densely grown trees reaching about 75 feet. Surrounding jungle is a serene and ecologically diverse making it a spot for photographing most of wild species occurring in Odisha. when I visited in October, the place was full of butterflies and dragonflies. Major insect predators were the frogs in large number.

How to reach:

From Rourkela, there are two routes to approach Gudguda waterfall. Although the time taken to travel remains same, conditions (road, landscape, accessibility etc) are totally different. On both roads, road signs / milestones are totally missing. The few present are in Odiya.

1. Rourkela - Bargaon - Bamra - Kuchunda - Kusumi - GudGuda

This road is absolutely superb to drive. Outof 167 Km drive, first 72 Km falls on state highway 10 , which will soon become a four lane highway connecting Rourkela- Jharsuguda-Sambalpur, from Rourkela to Bargaon. In some patches work is going on either to widen or make bridges. The work is expected to complete by May 2016. Food can be founf at all the major places mentioned.

2. Rourkela - Gurundia - Kusumi Gudguda

This is a shorter (107 Km), however more scenic compared to route 1. Most of the road passes through 'Bamra-Gangpur forest range'. Patch between Gurundia to Kusumi is too bad for car. However, road can be enjoyed a lot on bike specially during rainy season. Food may be available only at Gurundia, so always carry some packed food.


  1. Drinking alcohol is prohibited, but as usual, some tourists tend to enjoy it near the streams.
  2. Do not cross the safety wires put around the waterfall.
  3. Unless you are a good swimmer, swimming in deep water is not advisable. Many incidents of mishaps are reported from the place.
  4. If you are cooking, take care not to be a reason to destroy the place with fire.


  • No fees for the visit
  • It's primarily developed as picnic location. Cooking food is allowed. Special concrete platforms are constructed for the same.
  • Changing rooms are available with the care-taker.
  • Place is approachable with any kind of vehicle. Lot of parking space is available. 

Best time to visit

October to February

Approaching road to the parking area at Gudguda

List of Butterflies spotted 

  • Common Mormon
  • Blue Mormon
  • Baronet
  • Chocolate Pansy
  • Grey Pansy
  • Peacock Pansy
  • Leopard
  • Common Grass Yellow
  • Lime
  • Common Emigrant
  • Common Nawab
  • Common Lineblue
  • Common Hedgeblue
  • Common Crow
  • Glassy tiger
  • Common Lascar
  • Common Evening Brown
  • Orange Oakleaf
  • Golden Angle
  • Great Egg fly
  • Grass Dart
  • Water snow flat
  • Oakblue species
  • Sailor species
  • Silverline species

Prof Bala and his family enjoying a dip at the waterfall

Small water streams and dense jungles make it perfect combination for photography


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