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Mukteshwar Temple, Bhubaneshwar

Evening view of symmetric placements of main temple among the other shrines in the campus

Mukteshwar Temple, Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar is a city of temples and one of the best temple is undoubtedly Mukteshwar temple. Although there are iconic temples like Lingaraj and RajaRani, Mukteshwar has several characteristics which make it stand out. Mukteshwar - meaning lord of freedom - is a millennium old Hindu temple dedicated to lord Shiva.

Mukteshwar for its architecture built in pithdeula style is rightly called as " Gem of Odisha Architecture". The structure can be divided into fur major parts: Torana (porch acting as gateway to compound), Vimana and Mukhasala.  Although the temple is small compared to others in Bhubaneshwar, along with other small temples the cluster covers well maintained premise of over half an acre. Architecture introduced many new forms not known to the previously built temples of Odisha and thus called as "Harbinger of new culture".

Mukteshwar Temple complex as seen from the entrance. A small well, locally known as Marichi Kund, lies immediately beyond the sinister of the enclosure, the water of which is believed to cure infertility of women.

The temple walls and the octagonal compound both carries carvings of female dancers, Hindu deities (Saraswati, Ganesha) , animals (monkeys, peacocks) and geometric patterns (lines, squares).

The Department of Tourism of the state government organises a three-day yearly dance function called Mukteswar Dance Festival in the temple premises. This festival celebrates the features of Odissi, the classical dance form of Odisha.

Evening time, when sun sets opposite to the entrance, is the best time to visit. After a long day travel visiting plenty of other places in Bhubaneshwar, Mukteshwar is delightful to watch. Sitting in the lawns one can relish the golden rays illuminating the charming brownish sand stones of the temple. The architecture of temple and peaceful evening must be experienced.

Short history about the temple displayed at the entrance
Mukteshwara Temple
Torana, entrance of the temple
Geometric patterns on windows of main temple: diamond shaped latticed windows  around which one can see images of monkeys engrossed in several jovial and humorous scenes that are imbibed from the Panchatantra tales.
Pillars with intricate and skillfully rich carvings
Closeup of beheaded female dancers on the pillars

Ceilings of the temple
Right side view of the complex

Lawns in front of the main temple (right side), Siddheswara temple (Left side)

Other small temples in the premises

Important things:

  • Temple is open from morning till evening (5 AM till 8 PM)
  • Best time to visit during day is evening time
  • Temple looks beautiful in all seasons and can be visited throughout the year
  • No entry fee or camera fee
  • Drinking water facility is available

How to reach:

Temple is located at walking distance from Raja-Rani Temple. Kedar-Gauri and Mukteshwar temple shares the compound wall. Complex also holds an unfinished temple - Siddheswara  temple.


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