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Review of dalma Restaurant in rourkela odisha

Review of Dalma Restaurant in Rourkela Odisha

When in the Rome do what Romans do. Likewise if you are travelling in India you might get baffled what to do first, when choices are many. One thing definitely is to eat local food. However, availability of so many dishes to choose from, decision making is little difficult. Then there are endless classifications such as Veg or non-veg, spicy or sweet, main course or snacks, one course or many, beverages or solid food, hygienic or street food? To every question there is only one solution: finding a good restaurant, which serves authentic local food.

I must say, I was lucky to visit one in Rourkela, the restaurant which serves local Odishi food. Lucky because nobody prescribed it and I never read about. After handing over car for maintenance to dealer, I thought to have lunch in nearby hotel. Restaurant Dalma was the nearest and the look drove me inside.

Food choice:

  • Here several typical Odia dishes are available. To quote a few veg dishes :Dalma,Dahi Baingan
  • Both veg and non veg food is served
  • Staff and service up to the mark
  • Economical compared to the facilities, service and variety offered


  • AC restaurant
  • Ample car parking
  • All cards are accepted. If phone line is down, which is quite probable, carrying cash is wise option.
  • Clean washrooms

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Quality of utensils and cutlery can be replaced with better ones
  • Quantity of food could be more, compensating in price obviously 

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