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Vedvyaas Mela

Vedvyaas Mela

Vedvyaas is a holy place for all rourkelites to carry out important rituals. Almost all major festivals are celebrated at this complex of temples located on the sangam of three rivers. The attraction among all is the famous Vedvyaas mela arranged on the auspicious week of Mahashivaratri.

"Vedvyas Shivaratri Mela ( Fair) is an annual Mela that is held for 15 days starting with the Hindu festival of Mahahivaratri, in the Vedvyas Dham Ground, Rourkela. Shivaratri Mela is held as per Hindu calendar every year on the Krishnapaksha 13th day/13th night (breaking fast/'Vrata' on 14th after sunrise) of the waning moon in the month of Phalguna that corresponds to February/March as per Gregorian calendar. The festival’s popularity is widespread and hence is known as Vedvyas Mela, Lots of vendor from all over India came to open shops of different traditional & daily use items, local sweets and villager sweets vendors are coming to sell their product. "

Here are some glimpses of the premium fun and fair. Roughly one lakh or more people visit every day and visit few among as many as seven hundred shops. The district administration keeps the crowd quite disciplined. 

The colors of Joy

Hundreds of small shops sell the goods required for the daily purpose, from plastic made to wood made. As the prices fall down, most people enjoy the shopping. Although the quality of goods like cheap ornaments, decorative items is rubbish, handmade articles by the local skilled craftsmen is certainly a good buy.

The food stalls

More than half the stalls sell food items, especially the sweets !

.... and very few sell least demanded cold drinks. Remember it is still February and Rourkela is still cold !

The fun part - Not 'only' for children:

Some try shooting, although there is no prize to claim !

From children to young and older ones enjoy most of it, may it be the giant wheel or for that matter any fearful rotating mechanism. I find these places full of emotions - fear, excitation, innocence, curiosity, and most importantly satisfaction !

A small compilation of happenings at the fair !


  1. All the elements of Mela captured so well.

  2. Vedvyaas Mela is looking intresting and you took some good shots.

  3. It's an awesome place to be ! But u missed a very important part of it. Those guys who sell the cast iron pots and mom and aunts used to buy from them. And they are a sight to watch.

  4. A great post with colorful pictures :)

  5. The food stall stole my heart..yumm!


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