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Agriculture and people of Odisha

Agriculture and people of Odisha

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Odisha is a state where a large population, more than 60%, depends on the income from the agriculture although it contributes merely 15% to the state GDP. Odisha is fast growing state of India, and the modern industry is just entering in the state. The major industry in the state is Mining and metallurgy related. 

Farmers from some part of Odisha like Sambalpur, where the water is available throughout the year, takes two to three crops per year. But otherwise, the farming is done in the Monsoon season. The most preferred crop is paddy, which is also a primary staple food and rice is preferred with the fish. Favourite rice recipe is famous 'Pakhala' especially in the summer season. Tribals ferment the boiled rice mixed with herbs to make Handia.

Due to the various support schemes started by the state and central government, farmers are opting for modern practices and farming technologies. Tractors, seeders, irrigation equipment, are commonly used. However, poor one still use the classical method, a pair of bulls. A bicycle is a preferred mode of short distance, up to 5 kilometres, transportation for obvious reasons: cheap, affordable, easy maintenance. It is a typical picture where women use cycle, a family uses a cycle and obviously children too.

Water is available is in plenty in Monsoon season from June to September. An extensive network of rivers which pass through this region to meet the Sea of Bengal keeps the water level up to maintain the area green throughout the year. Villagers store the water in a small pond and is used for daily activities.

Adults, mainly women of the house, work tirelessly in the field to make most from the season. Working starts early in the morning and is finished before sunset, making the working hours somewhere from 10 to 12 hours daily. Availability of school for almost every village has raised the literacy level up indeed. However, the drop-out rate, is still higher in the rural area. Children prefer to either earn or work in the fields than to go to school. 


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