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Ghogar temple, near the Rajgangpur town of Odisha, was established by King of Raghunath Sekhar Deo. Temple is dedicated to lord Shiv temple and also known as Ghogar Dham or Sri Ghogareswar Mahadev. 

The temple is located on the banks of the river Ghogar, near to the Kansbahal dam. A check dam is built near the temple to store the water for the use of temple and also used for fishing. The temple campus hosts the place for lunch (Bhandara) and tp stay (guesthouse). 

Temple is a great attraction for devotees during a ritual called "Bolbum, observed during the month of Shravan, where people walk miles carrying the water from their native to come here and offer tot eh lord Shiv. Other two important festivals observed here are Kartika Purnima andMahashivratri. 

I visited the premises in the September only to see the place is so dirty and ill-maintained and decided not to visit again. The temple trust seems not at all managing the system to maintain the holiness of the place. I clicked very few photos for record purpose and never entered inside the temple. 

How to reach:

The place is abut 40 km from Rourkela near the L and T campus at Kansbahal. The best way to reach Ghogar is to travel by road with a private vehicle.


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