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Wandering destination: Khandadhar waterfall, Odisha

Wandering destination: Khandadhar waterfall, Odisha

Khandadhar is located at about 95 Km from the nearest town Rourkela. The road is absolutely smooth and takes very near the hill hosting the fall.  Frome the entrance, one has to ascend about 150  steps to reach near the waterfall.

Khandadhar waterfall is located in the picturesque location surrounded by the evergreen hills. On cloudy days, the play of light and shadow assures dramatic landscapes.

The water flows down from the small natural pool situated beneath the waterfall. These streams is an interesting capture during the post monsoon season when the water is apt to produce a photograph showing a smooth-water-flow. 

Valley as seen, Khadndadhar fall on the backside

A small pool naturally created by the falls is certainly great fun to take a bath in. Tourists gather in a huge number on this spot, especially during the winter months.  Though pool and the nearby area seems innocent, falls has caused some deaths mostly because over enthusiastic and drunk tourists.

A complete view of the falls - to get this one has to climb down through the stream. The pool is somewhere in the mid of this photo.


The place is an interesting place to watch flora and fauna of Odisha.  During my visit in mid-August, I spotted following butterflies.

Butterflies spotted at Khandadhar:

  • Large Oakblue 
  • Common Pierrot
  • Grass Yellow
  • Common Mormon
  • Common Leopard
  • Common Crow
  • Common Nawab
  • Common Banded Peacock
  • Orange Oakleaf
  • Blue Mormon
  • Yamfly
  • Baronet
  • Common Emigrant
  • Lime
  • Common crow
  • Great Eggfly
  • Chocolate pansy
  • Lemon Pansy
  • Indian Sunbeam
  • Staff Seargent (?)
  • Lineblues

Indian Nawab



Robber fly

Tips for travellers:

  • Travelling by private or hired vehicle is the only option. No public transportation available.
  • No entry fee
  • Place near the fall is well developed as a picnic area. Though the basic facilities like toilets are missing. 
  • It's a NO plastic zone, so please don't litter.
  • Be careful while attempting adventurous activity of any kind. Innocence of the water stream may be an illusion.
  • There is guest house of forest department and can be booked for an overnight stay.
  • There are NO food stalls nearby. The best way is to carry the food or prepare it onsight.

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  1. Wonderful photos sir... Can motivate someone easily to make a trip to Khandadhar.
    Amazing to know that you have spotted so many species of butterflies there.

  2. Beautiful, lovely shots. Loved this post.

  3. Spectacular falls with the rich flora and fauna..loved the downstream!

  4. Will be a beautiful place to visit !!

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