Campus Nature Diary of NIT Rourkela (May-2014)

Lime butterfly, most common on campus

Campus Nature Diary of NIT Rourkela (May-2014)

Butterflies on the campus

This was my first photo-walk  in the campus for butterflies, after joining the instituter. Campus is full of indigenous trees and shrubs, which is healthy environment for pretty butterflies. Gardens full of variety of flowers are well maintained. Campus has everything at least to have common butterflies around.

List of butterflies spotted


This is the most common butterfly. Commonness is bit obvious, considering number of lime trees in the campus. All the specimens were fresh and with wings in good condition. On first week, I saw a female laying eggs on lime tree near SBI branch. Tree had lost all its leaves. In the second week, I saw plant with new foliage and stage-I caterpillars all over the plant. Lime was seen feeding on aster flowers outside South block guest house.

Plain tiger

Another common species on the campus. Seen feeding on button flowers along road side.

Common Jay

Few specimen were seen nearby SBI branch. Bank campus has some Asoka and Michelia Champa (Sonchafa) trees, which are used as host plants by common jay.

Common Emigrant

Common emigrants are in plenty, constantly on the wings. Rarely seen resting on tree at height about 2 meter e.g. small mango tree. Never seen on ground flowers.

Plains Cupid

Chocolate / Grey Pansy

Pansies are in good numbers. Seen protecting the territory as usual.

Other recorded species:

  • Common Palmfly
  • Common Mormon
  • Common Crow
  • Plains Cupid
  • Ref flash
  • Common Sailor
  • Common grass yellow
  • Tawney Coster
  • Common Banded Peacock
  • Oakblue (In flight, Not sure about subspecies)


  1. Lovely captures Paresh.....absolutely gorgeous shots!

    1. Thanks Rajesh. The subject itself is lovely :-)

  2. Nice close ups... using Macro? reminds me of NIT surat campus... we had a lot of peacocks...

    1. Yes I am using Nikkor micro 105 lens. I have never been to NIT Surat campus. Now I will. I have seen plenty of peacocks at IIT Kanpur campus.

  3. Lovely lively and colourful...


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