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China Pink -

Also Known as Indian Pink. Native of India. According to Ayurveda, every plant on earth is a herb. Amazed to note that such a alluring pink or charming reddish flower can be a medicine and therefore 'a must have plant' in the garden. Blossoms in a bouquet, so goes easily in flowerpot.

China Pinks are short-lived perennial garden plants, native to China and northern parts of India, blooming in several colors They are extremely popular garden plants in India. The small single flowers have four to six slightly overlapping petals that have smooth or often cut and fringed edges.

The pretty petals in the shades of pink and red and white are gathered at the base into a strong green tubular calyx. Stamens protrude out and the anthers are blue. The plant grows in well drained soil, in beds, pots, borders in sunny areas and can easily be multiplied by seeds.

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