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Something scribbled after a long time. Interested in some new assignment I was searching for something fascinating and challenging. Something never done before. And I found it. Friend of mine, Abhay Soman, is keen interested in bird and butterflies watching. I was as good as illiterate in those subjects. So thought to learn something through net, as always.I got few best websites about feathered friends. Along with a huge database of high quality images, it provides sounds of birds, details of butterflies, classification and list is virtually never ending. Supreme among observed websites is

 It is developed and maintained by Vijay, is simply amazing. Majorly about birds, also covers butterfly and some non flying lifeforms.

Krushnmegh Kunte, a post-doc fellow at Harvard is simply amazing. His whole research interest is in butterflies. He provides technical info as well as great images of butterflies.

Few other sites are

Birds from all over the world, Must watch Mr. Sant, contribute on this site

Many other things abut butterflies, like how to conserve, photshoot etc etc

PhotoStream by Isaac Kehimkar

So Enjoy !!!

By Paresh Kale

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